Digital Sales

We have been working on our plans to sell cars safely and we are therefore pleased to confirm that we will be re-opening in a new way from Monday 4th May alongside our Aftersales operation.

Our showroom will remain closed for the time being but we will be able to sell cars digitally. We will offer cars for sale through a combination of online and video presentation, remote transaction, no “touchpoint” handover and delivery, and email and telephone communication. We are still working on the details and will be able to share these with you if you express an interest. 

We can also confirm that the many enquiries we have received in the past few weeks will be handled next week as well. We hope this is helpful and assure you that every step we take is careful and proportionate in these challenging times.  

Finally, if you are awaiting information regarding a car that you have on order we will be in touch next week to discuss delivery, but do feel free to contact us from Monday 4th if anxious to find out more.



We are very conscious of the fact that we have now been closed for several weeks. For many who continue to work, notably key workers on whom we have all depended, the need to maintain or repair cars is becoming more of a concern. We therefore plan to re-open (for both franchises, SEAT & Volvo), in a limited format and in line with government health protocols and current regulation. We will therefore be able to offer service, MOTs, recalls and repairs, from Monday May 4th .  

Please note the following relevant points:

  • We will take every possible measure in keeping the premises clean and disinfected, minimising risks as much as we can, and will implement distancing protocols as per the government guidelines. We have a supply of cleaning and protective materials for this purpose.
  • We will reduce wherever we can, the “touch” points, further minimising the risk.
  • With the above point in mind, we will only take payment by card.
  • To start with, and until we build up to a full team, we will operate from the Volvo showroom only for both SEAT & Volvo servicing and MOTs.
  • There is a large showroom for waiting and there will be a number of separate waiting areas to maintain social distancing protocols.
  • We will have a limited number of loan cars available, each of which will be thoroughly cleaned (as required for health protections, rather than full valeting) before each loan.
  • We will offer a limited collection service within a 10 mile radius of Bury St Edmunds.
  • There may be some standard services that we will not be able to offer in the short-term. However we will be able to provide a full maintenance and servicing facility.

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